First i say hello because I am a new member. (sorry for my English. I am Spanish speaking)
Hi, I have a x8 wing with px4 autopilot.
I use that with Mision Planner, and when i try to charge a flight plan with 170 waypoint or more, my system does not work.
specifically, if interrogated px4 having sent over 170 waypoint, do not return anything.
How waipoints has at most?
It is a problem of firmware or software?

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I opened yesterday an issue. I hope you guys find a solution soon :-)

What do you think, will the pixhawk execute a big mission? if it's really a Mission Planner bug, it should work. 

please update MP, there was a limit of 255 wp's but is now fixed. latest mp is 1.3.21

Hi Michael,

Thank you very much for that news!



Hi Michael

I did the update yesterday evening. But it still don't work. I can save a WP File with over 254 waypoints to my computer but I can't load it again with the "Load WP File" button. The message "too many waypoints" appears... 

Thanks a lot


thanks for the info,

ive added a fix here

please try the current mp beta
help > update beta

Hi Michael

yeahhh, it works!! :-) Thank you very much for your support. The flight test comes next week, I hope the weather gets better...


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