Has anyone had any success in getting your quad to have any obstacle avoidance abilities? I'm not talking about any complex pathing, but rather (at least in my case) will allow for low altitude forward flight, and if a weed or bush is detected in front of it, it will increase altitude a bit to avoid hitting it, or move over a few feet.. or if something excessive (wall, building) it will active a RTL parameter?

Even some type of forward facing sonar, optical flow sensor, or even laser scanner perhaps?

I'm brainstorming here!

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search and you will find :-)

Nice. Thanks. How about having a quad land on a "landing pad" which has a built in charger etc? I did search, but did not find. :) Although it could be my searching skills need some work. lol.

Making a surveillance drone ?  

I do recall some experiments with having the copter land on infrared beacons.  Don't know if I can find that again.  I think it was in the blogs on this site and I find this site difficult to search.

ah, cool. That gives me a reference for doing some research.

I am not making anything specifically, but there are so many awesome uses for all of this haha. A reliable surveillance drone for home use would be alot of fun. One thought for the auto-land/charge ability, aside from a surveillance drone, would be for longer duration search and rescue - it could fly over an area tagging heat sources with a thermal camera which could be reviewed or followed up on by real aircraft etc

Might make a fishing drone out of that new Aquacopter frame.

any progreee in obstacle avoidance multicopter?

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