Occasional motor 'clicking' - is this normal? (already changed motor bullets)

I think I know the answer to this but I'd appreciate a second opinion before stripping down...


Fah Pah ArduCopter kit, ready for first flight, everything working well except occasional 'clicks' from motor(s), can't tie it down to one motor in particular.


I've changed out the bullets on the motor side and are nice and tight now (they were all loose), wiggling wires doesn't seem to have any effect...I didn't change the connectors on the ESC side.


I've attached a mp3 of the clicking, if someone can listen and tell me if it's normal or not that would be a help.


If not normal I'll replace the connectors on the ESC side and get the the Power Distribution board out and have a look at the Deans etc - anything else that I should look at?


Many thanks, Paul

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"I have never had that sort of clicking before ever from single esc's running in aircraft and I have had around 30-40 different ESC's and motor combos. "


you're not getting the point: the APM has very fast refresh rates, which you can't get on a normal RC system -> it confuses the ESCs

all you mentioned, it's just that  the ESCs are getting out of their timeframe -> they refresh their RPM, nothing bad

I concurr. The bullet connectors are a source of greif.

Thanks for all the feedback on the clicking.....

Consensus seems to be it is ESC and ok (although change out bullets if Fah Pah motors).

Took Quad out for first flight at weekend....fantastic, clicks and all !!

Usually my first flights are over fairly quickly and are followed by lots of super glue, scrapping bits off the deck and an early bath. Expected same with quad but no problems at all this weekend.

I've only ever flown fixed wing before and was blown away with how stable the quad was....GPS hold was excellent, much better than I thought it could be (returning to hold point under own steam great), can't wait for waypoints and a bit more autonomy....many thanks to all the contributors. 

Was a very foggy day so no video/pictures of flight, couple of indoor pics below, not much to see standard kit.

Now looking into navigation strips lights (can be a bit dull in Scotland), weather proofing (it's wet in Scotland) and a camera mount (to take nice pics of a dull, wet Scotland;)

Thanks again Paul


Whoah, I'm looking at your pic.  I am still waiting for my kit to arrive so hence I ask this question, is your prop really being held onto your motor just with a piece of rubber?
Hai, that what Paul is using is a normal propellers saver adapter. It is commonly used by fixedwing people. And their motors spins a lot faster than quad motors. Paul is not using propellers mounts that comes with motors.
All my motors do that sound!! so for me is very normal!! lol lol :):):):)
Mine click too and all is well.  I'd say don't sweat it, just fly...

Mine sounds like a Geiger counter and these are brand new units. All from 3DR.

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