I have built an octo which rolls to port on takeoff. I have checked the forums and can confirm;

1) ESCs calibrated.

2) ESC wiring checked ( Motor test)

3) All props have been checked for left/right hand

4) Have calibrated accelerometer 3 times.

5) Roll says 0.21 when sitting level

6) Have swapped motors from left to right

When I hold it and throttle up and let it lift off the ground it fights until it is sitting at an angle and then is happy. Of course it would fly off to the left if I wasn't holding it, but very little force is required to stabilise it. If I try and level it in the air, it fights.

log attached.

I only have an old 3S battery which is why the voltage drops so quickly under test.

Any help appreciated.

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Dataflash logs are much more useful for analysis of this kind of issue

Sorry. I've been travelling. Attached.



Have you done a rc cal? your des roll is commanding the roll. looking at your rc1 trim its not at 1500 ish as per your channel 1 in your log (asn as it shoud be for centre stick), its at trim is 1611 instead.

Try re running RC cal


Stu, thanks so much. That's brilliant. Thinking of it, I spent ages doing the accel cal and the compass cal, but may have completely forgotten about the RC cal. I'll try tonight.I really do need to make myself a setup checklist. You tend to focus on the stuff you have had problems with previously.




Great :)

have fun

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