Octo-X, bicycle wheel design #2.

Q: will it fly?  fly well?

I'm prototyping my latest design - got my motor mounts put together.  Other than the plate in the middle, this is the only thing that isn't out-of-the-box... but could be made very simply if they prove to be robust enough:


Am now toying with a 4+4 octo design - with 4 motors pulling, and 4 motors pushing such that the props can overlap about 2cm at the tip, but because of the over/under design never actually come close to interfering.


This is a mountain bike wheel - for a 26" wheel - the OD measures 22.5" with props @ 24.5" diam.  

(am going to try using 4 pulling 880kv motors with 11x4.7 blades, and 4x850kv with 10x4.7 blades)

The next step up using the wheel design, with similar mounts, would be a road-bike wheel which measures 25"diam. and would have props @ 27"diam.

Here is the 2cm overlap from above:


I'm interested to know what behavior I might get with this combo - has anyone tried it?  Am I off my rocker?  Working on fixing up the center stack now.  I've flown a quad with this setup before... it worked pretty well when the ESCs weren't overheating for the hot day + heavy camera load.

Feedback very appreciated!


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  •  few of the designs I am playing with now.... Jay, whats up with you project?

    Any new development on the rimcopter ?


    Raven Y6 side.JPG

    x Quad Wheel.jpg

    • I've been running the thought of the Y in my head and saw yours.what size rim did you use?where did you get it?did you cut it in 1/3?or what are the rim spans cut to cut?

  • here is my latest effort ; )

    x Quad Wheel.jpg

    x quad wheel b.jpg

    Motor mount.JPG

  • Mine floats :)

    the pool noodles weigh not so much...

    octo wheel.jpg

  • here she is .... tested in 30Km gusts w/ gopro hero and FPV kit.. still flies nice and smooth :)

    octo wheel.jpg

  • Ok... I flew the octo wheel today... Set up using octo +

    4s 5000 / 22/15 900Kv / 20A ESC / 9/6 Props

    The craft flew surprisingly well... overall the most stable multi I have flown to date.

    Mavic 319 DISC rim 700c weight listed as 595 grams...

    AUW for the octo wheel, including 4s 5000mAh 70c = 2.5 kg

    Waiting for the gimble... and building landing gear... pics and video coming soon.

  • It's not exactly Octo... it might be at some point in the not distant future - but for now, Quad will have to do!

    With the new uBlox GPS receiver, I am getting some incredible loiter accuracy... so much so that I was comfy pulling the iPhone out of my pocket and shooting a video with the transmitter largely unattended!

    My original concerns that there might be too much resonant vibration seems to be unfounded - I'm happy to report!  And 4 spokes seem to be perfectly sufficient to carry the central load:


  • humm... i thought i was the only one crazy enough to try this.... I just started to put something together last night, then found this thread.

    I am using a 700c Road rim .... and I have the center stack laced into the wheel with stainless spokes.

    Looks kinda cool actually, i'll snap a photo a bit later. I plan on using the spoke to lash some hardware onto.

    I plan on setting it up as an octo, using 22/15 900Kv motors on 20A and 9/5.

    APM 2.5.2 is running the show.

    The idea is to boom a DSLR on gimble... More on that later.... did You ever get this thing to fly?

  • I did something similar.  Pics and videos below:

    Flat octo, wheel design.


  • awesome idea. does it fly yet? fly well?


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