Q: will it fly?  fly well?

I'm prototyping my latest design - got my motor mounts put together.  Other than the plate in the middle, this is the only thing that isn't out-of-the-box... but could be made very simply if they prove to be robust enough:

Am now toying with a 4+4 octo design - with 4 motors pulling, and 4 motors pushing such that the props can overlap about 2cm at the tip, but because of the over/under design never actually come close to interfering.

This is a mountain bike wheel - for a 26" wheel - the OD measures 22.5" with props @ 24.5" diam.  

(am going to try using 4 pulling 880kv motors with 11x4.7 blades, and 4x850kv with 10x4.7 blades)

The next step up using the wheel design, with similar mounts, would be a road-bike wheel which measures 25"diam. and would have props @ 27"diam.

Here is the 2cm overlap from above:

I'm interested to know what behavior I might get with this combo - has anyone tried it?  Am I off my rocker?  Working on fixing up the center stack now.  I've flown a quad with this setup before... it worked pretty well when the ESCs weren't overheating for the hot day + heavy camera load.

Feedback very appreciated!


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What is the weight of the wheel with and without tire?

The floating on water brings in new possibilities.

My wooden 31.5" circular frame, which should also float, weights about 350g

Mine floats :)

the pool noodles weigh not so much...


Rings/hoops make for stable flight characteristics for many reasons. It's great to see folks experimenting and having success. I've been making hoop based multirotors the last couple of years and have never looked back. I even started making them for other folks,HooperFly. So much fun. Looking forward to seeing more ring/hoop multirotors in the air. :)

So true! I really like what you did with the hoop... My experiments continue... here is a look at my latest design... 550 - 900mm Uni body Y6  :) made from a bike rim.


That's awesome. Curves rule. Can't wait to see it flying. A sub-group devoted ring/hoop builders might be interesting. I've seen a handful of other folks starting to work in a "non-linear" fashion with respect their airframes. Using/recycling items like bicycle rims in the design is perfect. Onward and upward!

here is my latest effort ; )


Very nice! Would enjoy seeing some video of that flying. I'm guessing it flies like a banshee. I like that you leveraged the stiffness of the rim and went with the parallel center supports. Do you notice a differences in flight characteristics based on a cross beam center vs. this parallel beam approach? 

I just got it to hover a few minutes ago... so I'll try and get some flight video in the morning

I think you are right, we should do something, the hoop and ring are too good for only a handful of us...

The feeling of the rim is grace and precision, there is nothing else like it. Still trying to find a way to detract from it... a reason that I would want another type of multi frame...

one ring to rule them all... tri quad hexa octo...

 few of the designs I am playing with now.... Jay, whats up with you project?

Any new development on the rimcopter ?


I've been running the thought of the Y in my head and saw yours.what size rim did you use?where did you get it?did you cut it in 1/3?or what are the rim spans cut to cut?

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