I have been flying an arducopter quad for a while now and want to build an octocopter next to provide a more reliable platform for a better camera. I am hoping some of you could recommend a good frame kit or share your octocopter build details. I have looked at the Droidwork AD8 heavy lift and like this design except the price tag. I still may go for this frame but then I would need to know who is a better supplier in terms of pricing say in the US or Asia Pacific region. Driodworx used to sell off their web site but they have a network of resellers now and the price varies a bit.

It would still be good to, look at other octocopter designs before I settle on a solution.

Any ideas / thoughts on this subject would be appreciated.

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Hey Greg. We design full carbon fibre octos RTF and frames, similar to dw but have some extra cool features and at a better price tag. pop me an email for more info, here are some quick pics of another RTF kit we are building for a client. Our SteadiDrone website will go live soon. info@steadidrone.com



What a great looking frame and build!

Great clean frame, looks really professional and nice!

What is the price of such a system for interests sake? (frame only)

Duran very nice design. It looks like it readily takes the photohigher 2-3 axis gimbal and retract landing gear from your website construction page opening photo. Also Looks like the arms just plug into a three pin socket for ready replacement / assembly. Thanks for the build photos, very tidy wiring and layout. Highly apprecited.

I'm feeling tempted to build a $10 Octocopter frame ;)


30" motor to motor
11" props max
4 batteries, powering 2 motors each -> Heavy
Easy power distribution, 2 female deans soldered into a 4mm plug

3/4" pine arms

This is the hexa frame built with the same method (can lift 10+ lbs):

Excellent. Simple design and using wood there is less problems working with carbon fibre. At least I could build somthing like this myself. Reminds me of an old "Goons" comedy sketch about the Mary Celeste where Spike Miligan says "You can't get the wood you know" :-). Sorry my poor attempt at some light humour :-)

Thanks again for the ideas I find its more satisfying when you can manufacture the parts yourself. Looking at some of the Octocopter frame only kits out there for $1000, I could buy a lot of motors and electronics with the cost saving. Over time I hope healthy competition and volume sales in the multicopter market sector will drive the cost of these items down.

Now I just need to come up with that $10 gimbal ;)

Hey Brian, thanks for the msg. Yeah our goal is to provide serious quality frames with cool features (quick release pin arms etc) at less than competing systems. The above pics are for a Skyjib sized octo of just over 1m in size, complete and ready-to-fly with EVERYTHIG required, lipos, chargers the works.

Still working on our frame pricing but we are aiming, for this big octo frame, 20mm tubes, quick release system, control board plate, dome, landing gear and battery bay for around 750USD, wich is more or less half a sj frame set. RTF octo with 3 axis stabilzed AV200 pro 360, dual radio, pelican case and everything else is around 10000 USD, again, a sj sized full octo with gps nav etc, far less than other systems I believe.

Thanks. Yeah we fit mostly the AV200/360 kit with skids or the Photohigher retractable landing gear on the bigger octos for red epics etc.

very cool!


Can you provide more description of the "cushion balls" you have under each of the motor and how you secure it in place. Thanks.

These are Wiffle balls secured with cable ties. The is a hole in the arm below each motor. Full build description:

Duran how are you guys doing your power distribution in the octocopter photos you posted? For example do you use a circuit board or just soldering all the wires together?

I have had a closer look at the droidworkx AD-8 frame kit and it is incomplete at the $1000 price tag. There is no landing gear or power board to assist with wiring the ESCs. All you get is basically two circular carbon fibre centres, 8 x booms and motor mounts plus the basic hardware nuts and bolts. The booms themselves are not specially made and have just one hole drilled in the end which anyone could replicate. In. terms of finish the booms are flat unsealed carbon tube; no clear sealant I can see. Would someone who has bought one of these AD-8 frame kits care to comment if I have correctly assessed the AD-8 kit components. I have also just seen a recent post about splitting carbon tubes in the droidworx landing gear which is sold seperately.

I think what I am looking for now is a good designed centre section with some board layers to accommodate the electronics. Highly desirable would be an Octocopter power distribution system to minimise wiring and keep the centre hub clear of abstructions. i.e allow good airflow around the electronics. Also a good locking motor mount suitable for round carbon tube would then give me the flexibility to purchase this stock at a reasonable price.

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