I'm looking to build an octocopter and was hoping some of you could have a look at my parts list and give me some advice, whats good whats not, anything I may have forgotten...


ArduPilot Mega kit

HMC5843 - Triple Axis Magnetometer

RCTimer P-ESC 40A

BC2836-11 Motors

Graupner Elektro Prop 11"x5

Zippy Flightmax 5000mAh, maybe the 8000mAh ones

Turnigy MAX80W battery charger

Xbee telemetry from sparkfun


The Frame I can make myself from tube I already have.


Any input would be great.





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I cant seem to open the RC timer page for the motors, but I think that you dont need such a big ESC, I think most people use a 25A/30A esc, But as I said I cant open RCtimer to have a look at the motor so I could be wrong.  BUt otherwise seems good, also make sure to buy some connectors if you dont have any, aswell as some wire for power distribution.

Thanks I'll look into smaller ESCs.

Wire etc I have heaps of so that's not an issue.

Do I need a really special battery charger or is that one fine?

I have those motors.  The highest current draw recorded on the test bench was ~20 amps.  Tested thrust both at 3s and 4s with a range of props from 10" to 12*8.  RC Timer is offering that or a similar motor with long wires.  Also have the RC Timer programmable 40 amp ESC, it actually ran nice and cool.  Tried Turnigy Plush 25 Amp, it ran fine but a lot warmer.
Can you tell me how many thrust I can get with BC2836-11 + 11x4.7 and 12x3.8 on 3s lipo, and how many amps? Thanks.
Was wondering if u were planning to have Rc receiver in loop ? Any thoughts about power distribution board ?

anyone got an idea what is the difference between RCTimer's BC2836-9 motor (with 40cm wire) and Jdrones motor ?

they are totally identical.

on the former jdrones motors there was a label A2836. so what's the difference between BC and A ?


Jani, could you please expand on this ?

do you test jDrones motors for correct balance ? load tests ?


I've had some issues with RCTIMER BC2836:

one had the motor fixing screws holes totally off - different place than others

one propeller spinner was really unbalanced - totally offside

and one came shorted at the lever of the shrink at the motor input wires - solved it, but still...

Not at this stage, just planning to use the Xbee for the time being.

I was going to use a 5A UBEC and etch a distro board.

For  3s , 11.6V   and   12x3.8  Prop           

                Amps            Grams Thrust

Idle          5.5                 436

50%         9                    650

100%       19                  1100

Running at  ~19 amps it gets hot.

If you get the RC-Timer motors be sure to take them apart.  Mine had messy gobs of lacquer and even a hair on the stator.   On one motor a magnet was glued on crooked. 

yea, seems they do whatever they want without really checking anything.

That's the reason i'm asking about the qualification process and QC of jDrones.

because the motors looks exactly the same. might the difference between "A" and "BC" be the grade of QC ?

Don't know anything about jDrones motors.   I am not all negative on RC-Timer motors.  Overall I think they are a well built motor.  I've pressed the shafts through to mount props on the base side, and later reversed that.  The bells are strong and shafts still fit tight.  Even ran them at   270'F for a minute without any visible damage to the stator wire.  Also, nice that they offer shafts and bearings for there motors on site.

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