Hello again all!


Just a quick video I shot yesterday with our Arducopter powered Octo, it's been flying like a dream and we've probably done over 100 great test fights with NO hassles at all. I've just did some tweaking on the camera mount and did a quick test flight yesterday, enjoy! any comments welcome please.


Testing Camera Mount from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

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Very nicely done, very stable. And a nice bit of art besides. A few questions, to prove I liked it (that is, I'm curious, but would not be offended if you prefer to keep it secret)


The "miniature faking" effects ... are they performed on the camera, in post editing, or are they a combination of both? 

Is the lensing and darkening around the edges part of the miniature faking process, or is it independent?

The video is very smooth, is it sped up or real time or did you vary the playback speed differently at different times?

There are a few seconds where there are visible warbles, most easily seen ~50-54s; do you know what causes that?


I love the "pure" nature shots, but I also really liked the unexpected fence post @ 34s, and more fence later, and the distant shots of the mountains and tiny little bridges and roads - but the red dress dancing in the wind is a lovely contrast to the greens and yellow landscape. Glad your "actress" puts up with your hobby, and also that she made an appearance. The color contrast added a lot of value to the beauty of the clip, for me. 

Oh, and one more question:

Which flight modes are used? Is it all stabilize, or do you use other modes at times?



Thanks Mike.


The miniature effect is done in post/editing, I use Magic Bullet Looks 2 for grading etc, this also true for the darkening around the edge, also know as vignetting. Alot of the footage is real time, some of it is slow'd down by 50%, we normally shoot 50fps and slow it down to 25 as we work with Pal this helps with just giving the footage a smoother feel. Some of the odd wobbles are just bumps, gush of wind etc. This was really just flying two packs for testing the camera mount.


I am very happy with the Arducopter system (coming from Mikrokopter) and it's a simpler and easier way to build the rigs and also less to go wrong. Im flying stabilized mode with carefree here and there, still on .42 but i see no reason to upgrade, this thing us solid in the air and I don't use the gps feature on this big octo.


Thanks again.


I have been always a fan of diorama. Cool vid

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