awesome looking VR goggles , what do the pros think?? great res huge field of view and future proof

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I have signed up for the dev prototype.

I am old enough to have suffered trough the VR hype in the 90s with terrible heavy goggles that had low resolution, washed out image and lots of motion lag. Those early VR attempts hyped up in the media as the next big thing, was every geeks wet dream. That was until you actually got to test a rig, and after 5 minutes of "walking" trough a 3d flat shaded world, you realized two things. It was terrible, and you now had a headache. This contrast between hype and reality gave the technology a bad name, and there as been little to no innovation for the last 20 years.

But now, final I think we are at a stage where truly immersive high resolution VR goggles can be made at prices acceptable for the masses. If nothing else, so that my boyhood dream can come true! ;)

The sound good, but there's no AV input, so you'd have to convert your FPV receiver's signal to HDMI some how. Also the head tracking is designed to connect to a PC, not an RC controller, so there might be a fair amount of hacking to be done to get them to even work at all.

Now to plug in to your PC and play games with? In that case they sound awesome!! :)

well I have no real use for the headtracking just yet and my video feed already goes through my field laptop now ,it's just a matter of setting up the goggles as a secondary screen from the hdmi output ,might be a little more complex than that but we will see what happens

I signed up for a pair figuring that if it's awesome I will sell off the FatSharks, and if it sucks I'll sell off the dev kit.

Of course, what will actually happen is that I'll keep both :D

Not sure anyone noticed this but the video feed not only has to be stereo but it also has to be warped for the lens to give you that 110 fov.  I pledged too but I'm hoping someone can come up with a filter system through a computer to render anything for this headset regardless if its stereo or mono video.

This project met their goal plus added a zero on the end!

I'm ready to buy one of these optimized for FPV with an analog in and a Futaba trainer plug ouput for controlling my gimbal if anybody is working on this.

Did anyone who went to CES check these out in person?

The Oculus Rift isn't really meant for FPV at all. It requires a HDMI 1280x720 input signal with a stereoscopic image corrected to match the 110degress FOV lenses. Meaning that just converting video to HDMI would not work at all.

But.. I have a plan! <insert evil take-over-the-world laughter> :) The GoPro just happens to have a 120deg FOV lens that almost perfectly match the Rift. So that takes care of the image warping issue. So all you need now is some device that takes live video and duplicates the image side by side in a 1280x720 buffer and outputs to HDMI to get a fake stereoscopic image. In other words a small laptop with HDMI output and a video capture device. Sure it won't be very field portable, but finally we might have a truly immersive FPV solution.

Would a rasberry pi work instead of a laptop?

If you can get some USB video capture device up and running, it should yes. The required task is not very demanding. Just take the video buffer, and scale it to fit being shown twice side-by-side on the HDMI output.

Here is my two cents and wishes for developers.

Raspberry Pi camera module with 1080 5 mpixel sensor is in production this week, probably out for sale in a few weeks. estimated 30$ or so, and 2x2cm size ish.

Combine with a Raspberry PI with a camera module on plane, with Wifi link streams video straight to basestation with another Raspberry Pi with HDMI out into the Rift glasses, Live video. 2.4 ghz are cheap and easily availiable for cheap. Standalone solution and you can pick up the video stream on another computer at the same time for recording.

Do some more hacking and get the Oculus Rift head tracking connected to The Raspberry and send via Wifi up to the plane.

If someone manages to get that working i will be thrilled! 

Hey guys,


Just thought I'd post this video for a new device under development.  Called the Transporter3D it turns the Rift into FPV goggles with super wide field of view.



The prototype works well and we're crowd sourcing the final design features.  Let us know what you think.


You should make a Blog post about this project. Looks sweet!

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