Official 3DR APM V2.5.2? Chinese wholesale market thinks so...

Not sure what deals, if any, 3DR has with the Chinese wholesale market, but it is interesting that one wholesaler has a "genuine" 3DR APM V2.5.2 board with a jumper pad to enable / disable the on-board mag chip to allow for an external I2C mag/GPS board -

Scroll down and look at the back side image.

Chris A., is there any way you can stop the Chinese from doing this if it is an unofficial copy with your branding printed all over it?  I guess it is the branding that becomes the issue and not so much the hardware which is open source?

Was considering my options for my new online store to make APM's available, but certainly not dodgy copies from China.

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Sigh. Another clone violating both trademark and open source licenses. We'll file the usual takedowns. It's like whack-a-mole...

I just engaged with another Chinese wholesaler to cut some CF shapes for my new brushless gimbal and I'm just anticipating seeing a copy of my design on ebay within weeks if not days.  I know that sounds like a boast about how good my design is... and you would be right ;)

Might PM you soon to see if you engage with small businesses wanting to sell genuine APM's.  As far as multicopter controllers are concerned it would be the best bang for the buck - even more so since AC 3.0 came out.

How bad is it they can't even take photos of their own board?  They just re-used 3DR's photos.

At least they ship in a timely manner

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