offset with the altitude! ardupilot or google earth error??

Hi all! Everything seems to work like a charm now in my bixler with 2.62 ardupilot firmware ( crossing fingers!! ). However, when I plotted the kmz on google earth I could see something was not right. It is clear to see how there is an offset on the altitude. Let me explain...I can see the plot with perfect circles on RTL etc, and I can see the track in stabilize mode when I land. I can even see the track of me having the plane on my hands and walking. However, when plotted on google earth, this appears to be x meters above its real altitude, so the track floats about 90 m on the air. Is this correct, or is this an error of altitude plotting of google earth??

thank you!

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nobody has experienced something similar???

I have seen errors of 30m in google earth. Combine this with the error in the GPS the difference could be more. 90m is a bit much but I'm not overly surprised.


I have searched a long time for something to correct this. Sometimes the takeoff and landing are ‘underground’. It only takes a small pressure change to move the height a lot.

I had an old GPS cycling computer with a baro altimeter which often gave start and finish not on the ground, BUT – it came with some great software to correct start and finish heights and interpolate in between. That’s what we need. Cant find it!


I have a similar problem with Mission Planner 1.2.99 and 3.1 firmware. 


-Log browser shows the altitude correctly (in relation to ground level)

-Google earth kmz is offset around 10m below ground (only parts high enough are correctly shown)


1. Open kmz in Google Earth.

2. Right click flight path -> properties -> Altitude

3. Adjust the height to "Relative to ground" from "Absolute"

Screencap of the Google Earth options-screen:

I guess the elevation of the underlying Google Earth map is incorrect at my (our) test flight area(s).

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