Onboard 2.4 GHz WIFI router for telemetry and video?

Has anyone used an onboard wifi network to transmit data to your ground station?

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You just have to be a bit careful as only the upper frequencies are licensed for higher power.  The lower block is limited to an EIRP of 1W.  It is only the band 5725–5850 that is licensed for 4W EIRP.

BTW I did not get to test the 2.4Ghz as I wanted to in the OBC.  It failed on me just before launch.

I like the look of the Ubiquity WISP as well and may switch to Ubiquity myself.

I'm a WISP too and we're doing the same thing! Cool!

What about something in the 3.65 range if you have the license?  I think a Rocket M365 will go out to 10km


I'm doing this using Ubiquiti. I myself have a wisp and want my uav to hop towers. :) fun stuff. 

Here is a video of the system:


So theoretically we can add high power RF modules and get long range. Another question - is it possible to get from this system Video, Telemetry and Servo control transmission with acceptable letency?

Yes that's exact right.
And yes it does video,servo, and motor control

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