i have and arducopter 2.0 with 2.0.49 fw. 1 week ago all was fine, stable fly but today I cannot fly well. One motor spin more than others 3 motors and if i don't stop it with my hand it crash. I don't know why, i haven't change nothing and now it is't stable. I try to reinstall firmware but nothing, try to reset and erase to default but nothing, try to change the esc and redo esc manual calibration but nothing.


How can i resolve?



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Check your prop adapters. I have found on a friend's JDrones standard copter that one (maybe two) prop adapter were loose. This led him to have a really unstable quad.


Once replaced the prop adapters with new ones, the copter started to fly with no issues.

If you have any other problems contact me directly (I'm from Italy too) and I will try to help.




I try but nothing... i change ALL the esc and the motors (buyed for backup if crash) but nothing... same problem. the motors that is in the front left spin much much more then others motors. I think that i must buy another board kit :(( but i want to know if i make some mistakes or if i can resolve in other ways... is there anyone with the same problem here?


Thanks again for reply

anyone can help me?

Check the ESC voltage - are you using just one power input ?


Possibly the problem is unstable power to the board

how can i check the esc voltage? i use one battery 11.1v 3s 5450mA

emile: Which prop adapters are you using? I find that the stock adapters either slip on the shaft, or the threads strip if I try to tighten them :(

Exacltly what I have found in a friend's standard frame.

Those Jdrones prop adapters are a bit a gamble...

yes i know this problem. 3 months ago i see this and i buyed new adapters like this http://img.alibaba.com/wsphoto/v0/494211846/8-0mm-silver-Propeller-...

but i think is another problem... i checked propellers and adapters many times and are all ok.

I made a video of the fly problem. I change the apm board (another presoldered kit) erase and resete to default. I redo the setup of radio motors esc (manually) and i test one motor and esc singly. I checked that one motor was low powered so i change it. After that i checked all motors spin @ same speed i remount the arducopter. Now i have another problem :( !!

When i go over 50% of the throttle, the motor seems to spin @ 100% gradually but quickly. Hear the sound of motors in the video. What can i do now?



Video: http://youtu.be/qeatK4JFG6Y


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