Hi All!

I am using the ArduPilot Mega kit. I wanted to connect a Gumstix to the ATMega 1280 chip via the I2C port. But I just figured out that the magnetometer also uses the I2C only (it is connected via the IMU shield).

So, is there any other I2C port which I can use?

Or any suggestion on how to make the connection.


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I2C peripherals are addressable so you can daisy chain up to 127 depending on if you are using 7 or 10 bit addressing on a single connection.
Use the DIY Drones I2C hub/splitter.
Thanks for the reply.

I was wondering how would I define or recognize the address of the slave?

Also, I am well aware that the slave can receive data but can it send data to the master as well?


Defining slave address is always depends on the slave it self. Some devices have jumpers that you can use to define it, some have default address that can be changed later by sending set command and some devices need to have new software uploaded.


So you need to check your gumstix software how it is done or if you wrote it's software then you can easily define what ever address you want.


All slaves/masters can naturally send/receive data. I2C is a data bus. Master is usually querying slaves for data. So again it really depends on how your gumstix behaves.


If you want to connect let's say Arduino Mini pro to I2C bus. You just define it's address on void setup() function with command


void setup() {




.something else...



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