Only 1m range with 433Mhz telemetry set REOPENED!

Hi, i just read a topic about this which was closed.

I have the same issues, 1 meter range with the 433MHz telemetry and it only connects intermittently. I am using the 3DR radio absolutely stock.

Ground station is a Acer Aspire One with an Intel Atom processor.

Any ideas? Its really annoying my quad keeps falling from the sky as i have no idea on what my batt voltage is!


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The best thing any body can do to improve range of radios is get that antenna of the ground, just put your RC Tx on the ground and it will beeps signal loss (my FRSky will). Transmitting antennas near the ground reflect some of the signal back to that antenna. The ground is like a mirror. This means the Receiver has to 'desensitize' ie. lower its ability to receive a signal as to not be swamped with its own reflected signal. There is a good reason why antenna are on poles. The lower the frequency, the higher the pole the better. If you can get your Telemetry (or even LRS) antenna up even 12ft(5m) you maybe surprised at the outcome.

I can confirm that shielding helps. Using a USB 1.1 hub didn't help at all.

I got the noise levels down to 40-50, but that's still too much compared to remnoise which is in the 20-30 range.


Are your 3dr radios connected to your laptop via a FTDI cable or is it one of those units with the USB connector on the board itself ? I think ive seen before that the later is bad for precisely the reasons you seem to be discovering.

Ive been having problems with these since yesterday (but before i have them for basic tuning in a room and not lost any signal)

Currently the green light is blinking indicating it is looking for another radio. I can get it to stay solid, but thats with the remote very close (30cm), if i move the remote away by 10cm then it looses connection.

I have looked at the noise and both dont seem to be that bad between 20-30 units on the MP graph

Hi, i've got the same issue, as have others: (not solved despite marked as so!)

Ive just been looking at mine again. it seems that a resistor has come off from the transmitter, just below the ant solder joint.

See picture -

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