Hello all. I am new to this type of work and I am having a fairly large problem, it would be great if you took some time to help me out.

I have the APM 2.5 as well as 3D robotics ESCs as well as a spektrum dx5e  and am running a quadcopter. When I calibrate the ESCs and the manually or automatically all ESCs perform correctly the first time after plugging the lipo in and putting the throttle controller to the right. However, when I try to do this again and plug in the lipo for a second time, only motors 1 and 3 spin. From what I can tell all connections are solid. Please help! 

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Make you you've checked the following:

--Did you load the quad firmware (and not some other config)

--Are you sure your RC isn't in Heli mode? (It has to be in plane mode)

--Try calibrating the ESCs again, using the auto method. Maybe it didn't take the first time for some reason

Make sure you did radio calibration. I had similar effects after clearing eeprom.

Thanks for the help so far. 

Chris, after loading the Quad software, all four motors work if I plug the lipo in while still connected via USB. However when I unplug the USB, only one or two motors are responding to the usual arm. Automatically calibrating yields only one motor workings. Do you know how to switch to plane mode of the Dx5e? Other than that, still no luck.

Thanks for helping

5e's only have DIP switches for servo reversing. No other options. You're already in plane mode.

If all 4 esc's start up with the same chime, that's good--and a good chance the ESC throttle range is different on each ESC--that's bad. Check your Tx trims, make sure they are centered. Then recalibrate the ESCs (e.g. remove props, one by one, plug each esc into throttle channel and go full throttle/add lipo power/beep/full idle/beep, etc...).

Then in mission planner's radio calibration screen make sure your throttle range is "reasonable" (around 1100 counts). DX5's and DX6 are notorious for failing, I already had 2 DX6i's repaired due to POT issues.

I am still having the same problem after re calibrating manually, switching around ESCs,and radio calibrating with the mission planner. Is it possible the APM is broken? Or is there anything subtle on the PDB board that may cause problems?


What happens when you run the "Motors" command in the CLI/Setup menu? If that works, your wiring should be fine. 


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