I would like to hear some opinions on flashing ESC's


I've been reading about this over at rcgroups



The main advantages, from what I read, would be that:

-the speed between controler and ESC is 8 times faster

-no more need of ESCcalibrations

-no more programming of ESC with programming card or TX


I'm using the plush 30A ESC's with the Atmega8 so reflashing it wouldn't be a problem.


Could this give improvements to the overal flight stability of Arducopter whenlooking at the update speed? 

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Hi Jashon,

In the code of the ACM, 

((timer - fast_loopTimer) >= 5000)

is this only need 5ms rate from ESCs?

Could we change it into 2000 for 2ms response?



There will always be some sort of latency. It can be the motor prop combination with the airflow.

Maybe the frame is heavy?

The response rate ot a controller should be fast as possible.

There is a point of dimminshed return though.

A PID rate gain can adjust to a frame.

However if the frame is physically designed to move slow it will.

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