This is a discussion of getting the PX4Flow sensor working with Copter-3.3.1 (or higher).

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Hi Kyomo,

Your log shows GPS_HDOP_GOOD parameter is not set correctly. You need to set it to 9999.

Alternately, you can disable the pre-arm GPS check by setting ARMING_CHECK to -9.

Yeah the vibration damping is a must. Think in terms of the software identifying marker points in each video frame. Less vibration means quicker and more accurate recognition for the program.

Thanks Goro,

I found it had not only one problem ^^;

1st, I've set parameters to what you mentioned but still not armed.

2nd, my OF has power issue so I had to power it up via USB first.

( I have two OF but both have same issue -.- )

3rd, the worst I2C splitter had faulty even though OF looked normal blinking LED signal.

By replacing it with other splitter, it worked.

With the above 3 treatment it was armed in Loiter mode without GPS.

Thanks again Goro and Paul you guys' sharing information. 


Did you manage to arm without GPS-module on the board? For example, can you totally disconnect the GPS-module and arm the copter with px4flow+lidar or you still need the 3dfix in the home position?

Yes, what I did




and it was perfectly armed.

Thanks a lot!

You say that you are using AC3.3.3 RC2. Have you compiled it from the sources or just downloaded through the Mission Planner (as beta version firmware)?

Yeh, just downloaded via MP

In case it helps, last week I added a bit more information re the pre-arm checks to the px4flow wiki page.

Hi, Randy! Thanks for your work! A few days ago we have tested optflow functionality and found it perfect!

Before that we had some unsuccessful tries with Copter-3.3.1 and Copter-3.4-dev compiled manually from github (arming fail: need 3d fix).

Then we have downloaded the AC3.3.3 RC2 firmware through the MP. And now it works!! But we couldn't find version AC3.3.3 RC2 on the github. Could you help us with it please?

Thanks in advance!

Thanks to Goro, Pual, Randy.

I got Optical Flow works well. Here is the video clip fling with OF

P.S : The GPS is for only mag sensor not GPS


Do we have transfer from GPS to flow and back yet? :P
I know that this question is a little bit out of the thread but do anyone know if there is a possibility to combine gps, sonar and optical flow in apm mini 3.1. Nice work by the way!

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