I am very new with this and have done a lot of research with the optical flow. I am trying to setup up the python script for the image grabber for this sensor, but I don't know where to download or find the AP_OpticalFlow library. Can someone please help me out as to where to locate this library on my computer or download it so I can reach the ADNS3080ImageGrabber.py? I read that I have to do this:


  1. File, Open, …/arduino-0022/libraries/AP_OpticalFlow/examples/ADNS3080ImageGrabber/ADNS3080ImageGrabber.py

from the site, "http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-mouse-based-optical-flow-sensor-adns3080/", but i'm not even sure how to get to the arduino-022 part yet.

I'd really be grateful of any help that goes into this discussion. Special instructions needed please.

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