I m trying to connect my optical flow sensor to my APM 2.5 but having a very hard time.


I have successfully uploaded the pde test file and install the python 2.7 and uploaded the python script successfully but nothing I send in a I and a M and no data is returned.


I was afraid the low light was an issue so I used LED's and I turned the lens in and out over and over again and nothing.



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Give me your mail id I'll forward to you mail, because here photos are not getting upload.

cvanvollenstee at(@) gmail dot(.) com

Plz send me one as well, I can get the data via cli but it seem not to be working in sky

Hi, I would like an email also on your setup and pictures. I can't seem to get mine to show changes in the test.



daskinkaid at gmail.com

Can I have ur setup too? My email is sengkiat21@gmail dot com

hi ,

could you post me the photos thank you.


Hi can you please send photos to me as well, my email is sufalraja@yahoo.com



Can you tell me where did you get 2.9b firmware..



Hi Mr Venkat, 

I already test my OF with firmware 2.9.1b and something is wrong with it telling me that i just did a silly mistake. could you forward to my email as well? i want to make comparison


Hello, Can you send me the setup steps and the pictures?

My e-mail es quibecor@gmail.com

Thank you very much.


I am looking to the schematic from this post,

And at the APM 2.6 I have,

and I notice that the GND from optical flow going to S A11, then VCC to -Vcc on APM.

Is the schematic right, or I am miss interpret it ?

Thank you.

Hi Marius, use the schematich, port 10 and 11 is different, if you want to test of sensor

goto terminal ,click connect,  "show settings", type "optflow on", goto test in terminal type "optflow"

now you should test the sensor

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