Bot_thoughts helped me get this one running with the standalone code found here:

It's happily sending useable streams of pixels to the Arduino.

Strangely enough though, the dx and dy values (for the presumed mouse movement) return zero except sometimes on the very first readout.

I've also tried reading the ADNS3080_PIXEL_SUM register ( super documented code! see also page 27 in the ADNS-3080 docs ) with the result that it transmits a constant value (changing after every power on, though). Viz:

void display_pixel_sum()
  byte Pixel_Sum;
  while( !Serial.available() ) {
    Pixel_Sum = read_register( ADNS3080_PIXEL_SUM );
    Serial.println( Pixel_Sum, DEC );
    delay( 300 );

I'm puzzled...

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I'll have to remind myself about the code, but maybe I can try to duplicate the problem...

How's the focus on your sensor?

The focus is OK, and I can grab the sensor's pics and process them too.

That's what's puzzling me.

Maybe it's the lack of uploaded firmware? But ArduPilot doesn't provide that either, meguesses, and needs the dx / dy.

The transmission is working. Wanted to post this ASAP.

I cannot be sure of the cause, though. Changed one code snippet that should not impact another fn., so the whole thing is very fuzzy still - except that it can't be anything wrong with the hardware.

Even i'm working with this code its compiling but in the serial port terminal its not at all getting initialized, can you people please tell me the changes i have to do. Thanks in advance.

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