How do I load the test sketch to APM? I have the latest update using AP 2.5 on it and the instructions are not specific on how to navigate to do this. I have checked the box under Hardware options. Also under the terminal window I have ran the test for the "optflow" and seems to be running fine giving me readings. But the only thing I have not done is load the sketch or check the focus since the instructions are not clear to me. Any feedback is appreciated.

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I am having the same please

Sorry it took me a while. APM 2.5 wiki does not have the latest directions on how to do this. I had to go on a wild chase in all the WIKIs. This is were I found it. Let me know if you need any more help. 


Hey M.A.N.

My issue is not knowing what exactly to download and what they mean by upload the sketch etc. If there was a youtube video that ran through what to download, where to make the changes and what/how to upload the sketch to then get the optical flow sensors image it would help (or a step by step guide). I’m not having a go at the wiki author but it reads like it is meant for someone use to "uploading sketches" and using python, if you are not familiar with either then you have trouble trying to follow like myself.

Now I have my Sonar locked in and working I want to get my Optiflow working so I can get visual position hold. I am good at the mechanical side of things (soldering, building, flying etc), just not so good on the "programming" side of things.

If I had the spare time I would learn the arduino coding but alas I don't.


Thanks for grabbing the sketch for us.


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