I just did the micro solder job installing the optical flow sensor :)

And now I am looking for the latest and best instructions on testing and checking things out.  

Does anyone have a success story to share? :)

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In trying to follow the instructions on http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/AC2_OptFlow

I'm not sure how to do this....

"Load the AP_OpticalFlow_test.pde sketch to your APM"


Did you ever get it to work? I installed as well and did not see anything happen...

I just finished wiring one up on my APM2.5.  I have gone through the testing and it seems to be working.  I am about to post a couple of questions regarding 'focus' of the sensor and the python script dying.

I made a couple of suggestions at the bottom of the document comments regarding waiting for the board to reply with a menu before you ask it for images.  Seems obvious in retrospect, but it wasn't at the time.

So for 'Load the AP_Opti...." instruction was missing something key.  This is an Arduino sketch you load onto your APM.  It is included with the APM code you can download.  You have to have the Arduino IDE installed and running.

One more thing....make sure you take the lens cap off. ;)

I'm not a massive soldering fan, and would prefer to buy a cable off the shelf - does anyone do one for a 2.5+?


Also - do I need to do the step:

  • Cut and resolder the MISOLVL jumper on the back of the board to switch the MISO pin to work on 3.3v. This is critical to ensure the optical flow sensor does not interfere with the MPU6000.


This is a job I'd really rather avoid doing, if I'm honest.

Hi Guys,

I have given the connections given in the WIKI page and now my optical flow sensor is working well. Even I'm able to grab the images and motion values using python test program.


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