This was the first fly of my baby, it was my first build, I like it because it's very strong and allows me to learn without crash damages, and a great code that support all design errors, but now I'm on a second stage, I learn somethings and now I want a more efficient cuad.

a) 20 min flying time at least (today 14 min)

b) More stability in windy days.

c) reach 1km min with r modem.

d) Resolve mag field limit.

e) Mantain the portability (no much bigger)

f) Beauty is important for me too ;)

I started this work last year (2014),

First I ligthweight as much as possible, only cup -90 grs, take away an extra floor, etc, total -200grs and reduce vibrations but I have many work to do yet and I think that a post it's the best place to share with you and recive your help, any idea is welcome.

First thing that I'm going to do to continue is to change motors, it has Turnigy 2836 950kv they are old cheap plane motors with bearings near limit with 10.47 CF props and 30A esc, I test them with my ligthest batteries two Multistar 5200 and gives 26 A consumption 

Ship weights now 1.47kgs without batteries, with FPV and Dragon receiver and this is the photo



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Thank's Gary, that true, I never can tune well this copter, It never flies as good as he have to do it, that's one of the main reason that impulse me to build a complete new one, perhaps this frame was exellent to learn because is crash very resistance but now it's not adecuate to optimize it, many defect, I'm thinking that it's time to build my first Diy frame, I like Forrest build tecniques and now I have a lot of help in this forum; I worked a lot last year trying to find defects and recently discover :O , thank for your explanation

Ok, I have the mast, I moved there to try and works with plastic props but if I use CF I'm going to return to the mast with the compass

Forests build techniques are very lightweight and strong.

It is very important to use the Epoxy adhesive that he recommends and to roughen the carbon fiber and any other materials you use with 200 or so grit sand paper before trying to get a bond, but done properly with that excellent 3M Epoxy adhesive it forms a very strong bond.

That particular glue is the secret of his success.

It mixes in a 1/3 - 2/3 ratio which is weird, but it is quite forgiving of imperfect mixing.

I love the stuff myself and use it for all kinds of things (dynamite on glass).

Most Epoxy glues/adhesives do not work nearly as well as the one he recommends.

Best regards,


Thank's Gary, I have a 3M store in my city perhaps I find here

I measure motor center to motor center, any coincidence :( ; time to change frame.

You mean they are different? How much?

One side to the other 1.5 cm; front to back one cm; one side to back 4.5 cms; I  remember I have an extra arms, I'm going to check them

:o :o :o :o HOW A SILLY WOMANNNNN!!!!!!

First Forrest advertise me that something was wrong with my frame if flyes better with coins tecnique and Gary find the problem in the photo, is not an ilusion colours, IT'S TRUE!!! black arm it wasn't well aligned, before a crash when I was newbie (I'm not finished yet ), the black arm twisted under the EP and I didn't notice up to now with bigger props; during calm days the copter flyes reasonable but during windy ones it was horrible, jumps vibrate, etc., the other cuad with less KV bigger props flyes much better with wind (something looks wrong), today only a short test without tunning again and looks quite different (medium wind), I'm anxious to do more tests but a little busy with work this week :(



Another test today with stronger wind and perfect (only tunning details), I can't belive yet that a little arm desviation do that important change :o but look's true, my cuad is another person now; I'm going to continue testing and re-do all the work lightweghting, moving down the APM when I recive the compass, test 13 props, etc. Thank's guys :)

Finally I added the ext compass and move the APM to the main plate; I have to move the gps up the compass too because it didn't like anything to see a compass on his GPS mast, like that thing work's much better but not as good as I like on winy days

so I decided to change the frame for another Tarot 650 to have the same spare parts (difficult to find here) but with shorter arms than the second build.

"EASY" I only have to change the frame ;)

Good news: I recived it a week ago, I had a rainy weekend perfect to change frame :)

Bad news: any wire match on the new frame :(

Finally I had to disassemble the hole old frame to remove electronics and I found that holes wasn't perfect too thats the reason of still asymetric arms and little deformed...........It was cheap for something ;)

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