Hi there,

I'm new to this site, and am looking to get into using a small UAV to capture images that can be orthorectified into high quality mosaics.  My potential clients will be small farms, wineries, and environmental groups that would like up to date, high resolution maps for analysis and strategy planning.

My plan is to first use a home made UAV, most likely a bixler plane and the ardupilot, or investing in a swinglet cam.

My questions right now are:

1.) The swinglet cam takes photos and creates a log file of the gps coordinates and camera position which is later merged after the flight to help in post flight processing.  Is it possible, with the ardupilot, to fire a camera at a given interval and have the GPS location and plane parameters recorded as well?

2.) I have researched several post processing services, including pix4d, photoscan pro, inpho orthomaster, etc... and I'd like to get some opinions on what is the best piece of software for orthorectification and mosaicking that requires the least amount of intervention and can still work well without a DEM?



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I looked into this a while back as well. It looked like http://www.2d3.com/ (~$10K!) had the best software if you want plug and play google earth type layers and orthomosaics straight from you photos with out much effort, but I haven't used it. I'd also love to hear back from anyone actually using software to do this type of stuff.

Thanks for the reply.  I checked out the site and it looks promising, but without sample sets or a trial, it's hard to tell how well this software actually works.

I agree its hard to know without a demo. I spoke to one of their reps on the phone for a while and he gave very good answers for all my questions. I was looking for a plug and play product for getting google earth layers from uav flights without having to do much on my side other then load up the images and gps track. But you never know until you try. 

I am trying to do the exact same thing with minimal expense.
I'm using a standard Skywalker with a Lumix 12Mp camera. After testing lots of other softwares
I have the trial version of Autopano and am impressed with the results after putting about 6000 pics through it. I finally worked out that better results are achieved with fewer pics (<20) rather than more(120). let me know if you want some samples or more info.

Hi Tim

We at Icaros Geosystems are providing process as a service aim to help new UAV companies in their first steps.

We offer you to send us the images and receive your choice of a product in the resolution you want and accuracies.

We will guide you through the process to help us produce the best results. Unlike other automatic SW you get the help of our photogrammetric professionals. And the best part of it is that we supply faster and more cost effectively.

Check us our in http://www.icaros.us/index.asp?page=UAV_main&pid=25 

We offer a free trial of up to 200 images so you can see the quality of our work.

if you want to consult you can contact me directly at avi@icaros.us

Thanks and good luck!


Jerry HI!


If you want to try Icaros SW as a service, as an option when you ave a tight deadline or need a strict product, i invite you to send us a data sample of up to 200 images and get a free Orthophoto+DTM.

contact me at avi@icaros.us and ill send you all the details

best regards



I should have my web service up and running in a couple of weeks, ready for beta testers at that time. :)


I have looked at many sites my self but because Ill be shooting in the remote locations and internet service will be un available Im now looking in to software based unit. I have build a mini GPU server but need the software to test if and configure it :( 

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