I have a Minum OSD getting data from a Pixhawk. It always works well until I throttle up to take off and then the data freezes. I can land and push the reset on the OSD and it starts updating again until I throttle up again. I just connected the grounds on all of the voltage regulators together, but there was no improvement. I did have the rf link on telem 1 and the OSD on telem 2 and when it locked up I moved both of them to telem 1. Of course it works no better. The rf link always works well.

I would greatly appreciate help with this.


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Check this http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?29508-MinimOSDS-at-5V-on-bo...

You should connect both GND and VCC on minimOSD, (small solder blobs) and than don't run 12V on video side. (just don't connect power pins on minimosd on video side)

To power camera and vTX you should use LC filter to eliminate DC nose. And all your problems should go away.

Thank you for the response. I already have the lands tied and no power on the TX side. I ordered the LC filter and look forward to trying it out. I bet that is it! It makes sense that it is electrical noise from the ESC's.

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