Have been working on an OSD compatible with MinimOSD, but based on a STM32F4. The OSD can do vector graphics and also can send data to the ground station using the unused frames after the Vsync pulses ( like teletext).( I use this to send data to my antenna tracker.) The OSD is desigtned to be a drop in replacement for MinimOSD and accepts Mavlink data.  Also has 2 audio channels ( so can be used e.g fo vario) and various peripherals ( serial port, i2C, SPI and PWM capture etc,) broken out on headers.

Here is a video of the prototype working



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I'm based North West of London, you are lucky to live on the south coast :)

Is your board an OSD board?  If it's open source I am always interested in OSD hardware.

I have actually moved more to focus on combining the OSD and Flight controller now on a single board, rather than a MinimOSD replacement, since I found the STM32F4 is quite capable:




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