So lets say i fly my Quad to 100 feet or so.... if i were to completely drop throttle and stop the motors the quad is obviously going to fall and tumble.. but lets say i am in stabilize mode and bring throttle back up before the 'landing'.. will the quad recover (even from inverted)?


Has anyone done this, got a video? I want to believe it will recover on its own if given enough room..


Don't ask me why i am curious about this as i have no clue.

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I lost a battery at over 100 feet and auto-roated to a soft landing on concrete and was able to fly it after replacing the battery.

Of course returning to flight from an auto-rotation would be hard because the props would be rotating quite fast in the wrong direction. 

I've also flown loops in Stabilized no problem. 

Nice... I have shot many autos with my collective pitch heli's but can not imagine one on an quad. I would love to see one, just as long as it isnt with mine:)
After an incident with a tree limb, my quadcopter emerged upside down about 15-20ft from the ground.  I powered up and it righted itself with 3-4ft to spare.  It hit the ground on the gear and knocked the battery loose and disconnected it.  I think the following tumble on the ground did more damage than the tree limbs did.  So yes, it should right itself, but having enough power to stop a terminal velocity fall is probably quadcopter dependent.

Cool. That is what i thought would happen..


And yes, i put my other quad in a tree last week. I did more damage to it getting it down than what the tree did.

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