I have been using MP to manage the settings on my Walkera QR350 PRO without any issues, until...

I changed to a new PC (Lenovo B50-30 All-in-one) running Windows 8.1 

Previously I had been using an HP desktop also running W8.1 and I connected easily enough using a USB cable and COMx at 57600 baud

The problem seems to be the new PC and the connection. When I run MP on the new system (with or without the USB cable connected) the only connect options that I see are AUTO/TCP/couple of others, but NO COM port option. I try AUTO but eventually just get a time out message - no MAVDevice found on USB.

I checked Device manager and see that there is no COM/LPT device listed. There is no physical COM Port on the PC so I wonder if there is a missing driver??

The helicopter does connect via USB as the lights all come on but just not visible to MP.

Anyone have any more smart(er) ideas on how to progress?

I have also installed MP on my wifes PC which does have COM ports showing and this works! However, I do want to solve the issue on my own machine.

Thanks for any help

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You need ftdi drivers, windows contains gigabytes of bloat and bugs, nothing useful is included :)

Thanks for the advice - so I should find these, install and then reinstall MP or will it automatically find the new drivers on start up?

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