Hey guys,

Has anyone else experienced a failure in the APM mux?

I've been playing around with my APM and today I was playing with the dancing servo demo with some (really crappy somewhat dead) servos i've have scrounged from crashed planes.

Now I've noticed that the first output has stopped outputting.  For the dancing servo demo it no longer gives a PWM signal on Out0 (it did earlier today when i tried it).

I checked connectivity from the pin to the MUX, Out0 is connected (correctly) to MUX pin 4.  I checked that the input was connected to the ATmega1280, and it was outputting a signal.

I also verified that other channels on the MUX are working, only OUT0 (first channel of the mux) doesn't work correctly.

My questions are:
* Has anyone else experienced a failure similar to this with the mux?
* What could it be (other than somehow i fragged my mux chip)?
* Any advice other than hot-air it off and put a new one on?
* Is it possibly a power supply issue (not enough power)?


 (Also if i do take the chip off I'll put it on a test bed to verify that it failed)

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did replace mux or does any one have alternative solution
I replaced my bad MUX with the sample I was able to get.

I feel your frustration. After a year of building my quad, it DIED.  No lights. (Yes I'm slow and mythological )  I was just read to fly it for the first time.   After removing everything from the AP main board I powered it on and felt around.  The MUX was getting hot.  I cut the VCC pin 16 with an razor and it came ALIVE. I'll replace it with CD74ACT157M - IC, LOGIC, QUAD 2-INPUT MUX, 16SOIC from e14 (6 for 3.03 US)

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