My Parallax autopilot with OSD (on screen display) is moving right along. It also transmits all sensor data to the ground station via XBee. Right now I have adapted Chris and Jordi's ground station to display most data.
Here is also the spin code....

BTW: Yes I know its corny but the ohm symbol is where 'home' is !

Here is a few pics as of 5/10/09

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Why don't military UAV's use them? I've never seen them with the IR sensors.
Maybe they just like to waste money. I heard they play soccer with bricks of
$100 bills in Iraq.
Does anyone know what is a reasonable climb angle for a small UAV would be ? What factors should be taken into account ?
Saving power I would have thought.

To start you want to get out of the way of obstructions but once in the air past 100' not much.
That's what I thought. Around 10 degrees or so ?
I am starting to program the goto waypoint part.
It is a function of weight, drag, the motor, battery, control, and desired climb rate.
I have planes that will climb at a 45 degree angle. Try a Neumotor!

The Ground Station is coming along nicely...most indicators now working via XBee
And then the one with the moving map and live video (Simulated now but working on it !)

The real limit for this is the angle of attack at which the airfoil stalls. You can use Javafoil to estimate it using blade theory or can do it in a wind tunnel. Also keep in mind that in general the angle of attack is relative to to the flow of the fluid not relative to the horizon. This is probably more information then you wanted, I would go with +/-30 if you want some reasonable values.


The ground station looks quite impressive.
Did you make it yourself ?

Whats the latest on this?

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