I just bought a canoe that has a weight of 16 kg + paddles. I am looking for an easy method to get it onto the car roof and then from the car to the water. It would be good to be able to do it alone. Also to get the canoe from one lake to the next easily would be great. First I thought of a balloon that can lift approx 20 kg and just tag it along after me in the air i a rope. But the balloon would be so big that it would be unpractical I imagine. Now I am looking for drone possibilities. Can you think of other ways? Any suggestions of type, cost, size and weight of a drone with 20 kg payload? Olav

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Yes, you should be able to do it with a 40kg drone.

A trailer


I don't think you'd be looking at less than $10,000. Why not get a gym membership for much less?

A portage drone!

Is nothing sacred?


On an unrelated note, Rob, I think there's a bug in the tricopter software

We could turn the question around. Is your canoe big enough?


Hi Phil,

I sent you a friend request to ask what this bug was. I am currently working on the tricopter code.

So much is wrong with this...  It would be infinitely easier to use your hands - assuming you're the proud owner of hands and legs.  If not, then a drone could be a fully legitimate method of transporting this object.  If you do have human appendages though...well...use those instead.

Well..... What about punting some booms on your canoe, them some ESC, and motors on top a big 2x10000mAh LiPo, a simple FC and you are good to go. You even don't need TX/RX as you could just use a wire and some simple command attached.

And here you go a flying canoe. But seriously, if you are not physically challenged or disabled then you should seek other options. Even with such a simple setup the price would be in a range of couple 1000$ (big motors, big props, big lipos).

All the best!


That is a viable option and can work.

Hell you can even configure it to propel the canoe forward once on the water, that would be kind of neat to see.

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