PC Joystick/FlightStick/Wii Nunchuck as alternative control.


as my profile suggests im very new here and although iv been interested in multicompters for quite sometime iv still yet to get my feet wet.

my main proble is due to disability only have use of 1 arm and restricted rotational movement of head and neck. meaning some sort of fpv will probably be the best and safest route togo.

iv done some preliminary searching and found this item:

http://www.hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/store/__21430__Hobbyking_IOS_A... however it seems for fpv 6channels are needed and control input seems sketchy in this area pointing more towards apple/android with what seems like more mouse orientated on the pc front.

can anyone offer some advic2e regarding a remedy im not interested in fast flying fpv racers just something i can leisurly fly from an fpv perspective.

many thanks


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Hi David,

I don't know the Hobbyking controller, but you only got 4 channels which is not enough.

You need at least 5 channels: Roll, Yaw, Throttle, Pitch and a flight mode switch.

Also you only get 120 meter with that controller.

Regarding a single-hand controller: Do you know those 3D mouses?

They normally use in CAD systems to move your object on your screen.


Here is a very interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfX2XjHTqBk

Maybe someone already tried this with a laptop running Mission Planner?


sounds promising, not sure the setup the bloke is using in the video, but it looks like it is possible in some sort of fashion. . 

what sort of transmitter would this sort of system emply?

found this in a followup video.


Hard to tell what transmitter it is... could be a serial connection with a custom board.

But with Mission Planner you can use a joystick or gamepad as a controller for your copter. You need a serial connection like the 3DR Radio a of course a laptop.

I'm not sure weather windows recognize the 3D mouse as a joystick or as conventional mouse.

And i don't know if its possible to use the Pixhawk without a conventional RC system.


thanks, could you offer any advice on which type of quad as i mentiond im not realy interested in a racey/stunt copter. just one that can plod around happily flying fpv and taking aerial photos.

I think the Iris+ is quite a good step into the hobby.


You get everthing you need.

BUT: What i mentioned about the 3D mouse and Mission Planner is just an idea. I haven't tried this combination. But if its running please tell me/us.

Firstly, I would try to setup a 3D mouse as a joystick and get the controls into Mission Planner.

Mission Planner has also an simulation where you don't need a real aircraft or transmitter. But I not familiar with this function.




just ordered a 3D Mouse.


I will test it via telemetry connection. I don't have a 3DR Radio but a Wi232 modem. I guess it should work ;-)


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