Phantom 2 NAZA upgrade to Pixhawk


Does anyone have experience converting a Phantom 2 NAZA to a PX4 flight controller? 

Any resources will be helpful. I have found lots that have used the phantom frame and built a custom copter, however I would like to use all of the components of my current Phantom 2. 

I can get power to the PX4 via the Phantom 2 and I can communicate with Pixhawk via the Phantom 2 and remote controller... but the motors are not kicking in and the Phantom 2 has a constant beep with no LED lights (beep...beep...beep...beep)






Missing connections.tif

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May 28
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"Wow, Ning2 looks really great on mobile. I had sort of drifted away as my browse-time went more on my phone, so this is great."
May 28
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"I am sure most will say not again, Pixhawk telemetry. I do need help and all can be reassured that I have spent many hours scouring the net for useful information. I am not new at quadcopter flying, I started in 2012 and have progressed through many…"
May 28
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"Tomorrow, I am thinking about the wording at the moment."
May 28