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why photoshop?

I got photoshop for free is there a better program that you can suggest ,

I cannot providing any information about "better", as I haven't compared any yet. I use PTGui right now. I am not a big fan of Adobe, and I would not spend my money on any of the their products, so I am personally biased. But there is software designed for the stretching process, and even specially designed for aerial imagery, and the different software is often discussed on this forum. I asked about photoshop only to learn why you chose it (so I knew what I might be missing out on, because of my bias.)



Ptgui works well.  There is also the Cartagen mapknitter software that is web based.  It allows you to roughly orthorectify and place each image on top of several sources of free base imagery.  It was originally developed for enabling common people to stitch maps from aerial imagery taken from point and shoot cameras rigged on helium filled garbage bags / balloons.

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