[PIC] DIY Y6 Build Complete! It may be Wyoming's first arducopter

After a couple of days of trial and error, botched solder jobs, and near divorce-level frustration trying to neatly contain all the zillions of wires my Y6 is ready for her first flight tomorrow.

Gentle throttle tests thus far seem to make it want to tip forward... I'm hoping that's just a blowback issue and that it will gracefully rise up when it gets some real power in the morning.  I'm excited to fly and I'm particularly impressed with how helpful and responsive these forums are.  You people are awesome!

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Hey Amos,

Congrats on the Y6!  It's got a cousin up north in Montana, just flew its first waypoints yesterday.  I assume you sorted your liftoff issues, but if not... be sure to check prop and motor directions.  On my first test flight I had affixed the 11" props on random lower motors and 10" props on random upper motors.  This ended up providing some negative thrust so it was impossible to liftoff.  Check the build manual for which motors should use normal props and which ones should use pusher props.

If that's not the issue, it could just be normal behavior when still within the ground-effect.  If I try to slowly liftoff, mine almost always gives a strange tilt. But give it a sharp increase from 0% to 50% throttle and it should liftoff perfectly vertically with no tilt.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

It's great to know you're up and flying in Montana! If you don't mind me asking, what part of Montana are you in?  I make it up to Billings fairly often...

I've sorted out all my initial issues and fly regularly now.  The Y6 is an amazing machine and I've been having a blast with it.  I recently did my first waypoint tests and have even got it working with the Droid Planner app on my Android phone (it's crazy to be able to point-click on a map on a phone and watch the Y6 just go there!)

I'm near Bozeman.  Having a blast testing the Y6, Mission Planner, etc.... it's a lot to take in but really pretty amazing.  Trying to take things as slowly as possible to avoid any major mishaps.  Have you used yours for anything new and exciting?

I am currently learning about FPV and hope to have the camera and transmitter installed/running in the next few weeks.  I actually set up a tiny camera on my micro quad and have been learning how to fly indoors through some video glasses these last few nights... it's crazy and exhilarating on the little copter, I can't imagine it on the Y6!

As for the Y6: the local high school has asked if I could use it to drop the first game football onto the field at the beginning of the Homecoming Game in a couple of weeks.  I have asked them to look into all the legal and safety aspects (especially liability if something terrible happens and someone gets hurt) but in the meanwhile I've been figuring out a way to do it in case it actually happens.  Today was my first test run and it was a success!  The Y6 managed to carry the football without much difficulty and it was neat dropping it from about 200 feet in the middle of a park.

I've attached a picture from my load test a few days ago.  I don't have a photo of the current setup (the football is now snugly against the bottom of the Y6 battery instead of dangling).  At first I doubted it would be able to fly with that much weight, but man does this thing have power!

Do you have a GoPro attached to yours for video stuff?

That's great!  What did you use for a release mechanism?

I've been using a Sony NEX6 with mine, mostly for still photos and creating digital elevation maps.  I'm working on a Master's thesis around aerial surveying, and hoping to interface with some of the dinosaur digs to provide 3D models of their sites.  At the moment though I'm just getting used to the system and learning APM.

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