Mission Planner 1.3.34

I'm trying to potentially resolve an issue by reflashing my tri-copter firmware.  The best way I can figure to do this is load a previous firmware and then re-load the latest version.  

Problem: When I select Pick Previous Firmware I get "Unexpected Error".

Any idea why this happens?

I'm new to this forum so my searching may not be up to snuff.  If this has been covered before simply point me to it.  

Thanks in advance.


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what OS?

Windows XP  (eesh, it's an old laptop I use in my garage).

XP is the issue, github migrated to a ssl version that is not supported under xp.

Thanks Michael.  I'm been putting off an upgrade.  Guess it's time to bite that bullet.  Not sure what time-zone you are in but really appreciate the quick responses.

To close out this thread.  Upgraded the computer to Win10 and installed MP (1.3.34).  I'm able to successfully pick an older firmware version and install it.  Another plus is I no longer have to press the reset button on the PX4 after hitting OK to reflash the FC.  

Thanks for the help Michael.

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