hi to all,

firstly I would like to congratulate the team of developers and all those who contribute to develop the ardupilot/arducopter

you are all doing impressive work on this project

I'm a relatively new user of apm 2.5, and i try first to integrate it on a flybar 450 heli, before mounting it on a 700 flybar and probably flybarless later

I already have good results after many test and many readings on the wiki and this forum, but it's not perfect yet and i think i can improve the result with best PID. (especialy the halt hold)

however after many research, i can't realy understand the logic of all the possible settings, and i would like to find a diagram or a drawing of the loop in which occurs all the PID .

Do you have some kinds of document to explan that ?


Ps: sorry if my english is not very clear, it's not my native language, i'm a french guy



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thanks josh, i'll look at this with attention but this video is difficult to understand for a frenchie like me  ;)

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