I have just finish building my Quad. There are lots of information on setting up the quad and configuring it with Configurator. Thank you for all these details. My quad is working, (haven't tested GPS or Magnetometer yet) motors arm correctly and I can get it in the air with Acrobatic mode. Yet there is lost of tuning to be done.

Does anybody have some details in tuning all these different PID values (Acrobatic, Stable, Position Hold, Altitude Hold). Where do I start? I believe my quad only needs lots of tunning in order to function well.

Please help.

Thanx again for this Project. Can not wait to get my hands on the developed frame.

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set 1.2 (use a . instead of a ,)
the dot is not responding that's the problem.

So, I've got the Stable mode to where it works well enough for me.


The position hold is proving to be a little more difficult.  The first couple of passes are damn close, but then it starts magnifying its corrections, and get's way out of whack.


What's the best way to go about doing PID on the position hold?  I turned everything to 0 except P, and I'm not getting what I'm looking for.



Hi John,

Just out of interest can you share your PID gains in stable.


I don't have an arducopter and I have not looked into the code enough to give suggestions.. but it seems like it would be possible to create a program which you would input diameter, prop size, motor etc. and have it calculate PID values. Wouldn't be perfect but should give a good starting pt for people who make the airframe diy.

This is what I'm currently using in stable.  I'd love to see what someone has working well for position hold.

why do you use negative values for Integral? positive ones should work better

lower P value in position hold

no, it won't work

every motor, connection, battery, ESC, sensor and so on is different


default values are a good starting point for most configurations (got mine flying perfectly with these but have a completely different setup)

It seems that integral works the same, + or -


I have the same values, all positive, and it has the same response.


I may just be expecting too much from the position hold, but I can't seem to keep it within a 15 foot circle without a little nudging.  Once it starts to earnestly correct, it WAY over-corrects.


This is what I have right now in position hold.  I seem to get less yaw drift when the geo correction factor is 0 instead of my 0.846


I also tried reducing the max angle to 10.00  not much of a difference.



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