Hello, after reading a lot about this project, and in the need of choosing a new FC system, I decided to go Open Source. My choice is APM. 


After assembling my mk hexa xl frame with all the rest from Martin (buildyourdrone.co.uk) (jdrones 30 amps esc, 2836 850 motors). 


I managed to put it to fly. But it's far from stable and after moving a little the stick it oscilates.


The problem I think is coming from the PID tuning. For now my pid are:

Which values should I correct to have decent stabilization?


Thank you and sorry for the newbe question.


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Ok, I found the list I was looking for the tune setting with CLI.

It's from the jason's post on 2.041. 


Tunning with a Channel 6 proportional control is now done at runtime and doesn't need to be compiled in. To use, go to the CLI and setup menu. tune # is how you select the tuning option.


tune 0 = no tuning. 

tune 1 = STABILIZE_KP 


tune 3 = Yaw_KP

tune 4 = RATE_KP

tune 5 = RATE_KI

tune 6 = YAW_RATE_KP

tune 7 = THROTTLE_KP

tune 8 = TOP_BOTTOM_RATIO (for Y6)

tune 9 = Manual control of the relay

tune 10 = Waypoint traversing speed (0m/s to 10m/s)


So pick your variable from the list and type "tune 4"

Now, go to the CLI test menu and enter "tune". You will see the output value of the tuning function so you can adjust your proportional control and see the changes. I would dial in the best guess before you fly it. Then in flight, adjust it as you like. The return to test::tune to see what value was the best.


I think this should be in the wiki (and maybe updated to the most recent tune list, as I saw a tune 11 for nav I think)


Keep testing!


New test with Jani params. It flyes ok, but at then he start to oscilate losing the control. Here's the video.



I managed to change stab P (pitch and roll) with ch6 tune option. Best is 2.556. 


Now I'm changing rate P to sse the dif. 



Ok, so after playing around with ch6 tune, I arrived at somehow a stable hover. But if a little gust of wind comes it becomes unstable. It's a little sluggish also. Here are my pid values. 


What else can I try?

Add some I to your rate

Hello, again!


Well after playing a lot with PID, I started to understand better what does each thing. After all, I use to be a researcher. 


So finally I got something almost correct, no wind so I use autotrim and it worked. I tweak a little the yaw P and put some rate_ki. This give me something cool. When I give a stick to the right, he take a little time to start changing the angle but when I realese it recenters quite fast with a minimum overshoot.


Here is a crappy video (almost night)



And the settings for this video are:


Ok, I will try tomorrow if there is some wind. Just to see how it does. 


Any sugestions?


Thanks for all the help.




Well, I believe it must be unintersting and boring, but what the heck (I don't have anything better to do) so I kept playing with PI values. 


I was thinking why my x450 from xaircraft flight well, and maybe the x650 PID values could give an idea for my APM settings. 


So looking at the PID values I found some ressemblances so I said to myself that since I had some spare propellers I could give a try.


And beleive or not after some tweaching it works almost nice (I'm not as confident as for x450 yet). 


The video is uploading, I will put it here once finished. 


And the settings as for the video are:


I also played with loiter and simple. It's really nice (in the video I use it, you can hear the switch).


GPSHDOP was generally around 150-200 (that's in cm?) and in general at least 8 satelites. I believe that's good.


So if someone is interested in my PID values, try them and please tell me how it went.






And here's the video.

It is nice to see how far you've come in just a few days. Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what comes next. 

thanks Mike, keep you posted about mods. 


Today I will redo some PID settings (I want it perfect, :-)) after looking the ardupirates superstable PID settings way (it's dangerous having the hexa so close to me but I will try to not hurt me)


Let's see what happens.



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