If I connect APM to mission planner on RC calibration screen, my elevation stick works as expected: if I move to front, that bar goes up.

But when I'm trying to fly my hexacopter, it works in opposite way: If I move it to front, my copter go back, so to make it usable, I need to set reverse. Is it ok ?

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I found the same thing. I just reversed that channel on my radio and everything was fine. I assume that you can do the same thing in the APM but I never tried.

I agree though, it is counter intuitive and I had the same concerns.

Can you post a bug report on the issues list for Arducopter?



Jason, this sort of confusion is a long-standing issue, I'm sure there's already an issue report done.

We really need to rethink how all of this is done in Arducopter.  We were sort of stuck with the RC_Channel library from Arduplane, which had a different intended use, and I think that's why we are stuck with it.

Nobody should have to reverse channels in their Tx for Arducopter.  They should all be straight-up, and all reversing be done in the software.

Part of the problem is that, IIRC,  "the little bar" always goes up, even if you reverse the channel in your radio and/or MP.  The only thing that changes when you reverse the channel in MP, is the green bar is on top of the grey bar.  But still, the green/grey border goes in the same direction.  It's really not clear.  I know I wrote an issue about this back in ~October/November.

Couldn't find any issue mentioning this, and the problem still exists, so I created it:


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