I just got one of the new style pitot tubes with combined static & dynamic tubes.

I noticed that if I plug the four holes around the tube and plug the hole at the tip, that there is cross flow of air between the static & dynamic sections.

Is this normal?

I thought that the two parts were supposed to be sealed from each other.

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By the way, I sent my concerns about the leaking pitot tubes to 3DR without asking for a refund or a replacement. Without noting directly the concerns about the leak, they promptly sent me a replacement that was leaking also.

I give up. Evidently, they are not reading the comments sent to them, nor are they reading this forum's tech support area.

I too received replacements without having indicated how many I've purchased or asking for replacements.

However I've been too busy building to check them. I assumed, just like every other time, that they were O.K. 

Now that you've got leaky replacements, I will check to see if they're ok or not.

So I've checked the replacement pitot tubes that I received...  and... they all LEAK!   

Now I have even more tubes to fix.  3DR should just make it a kit because we have to take them apart & re glue them anyways.

This coupled with the fact that the airspeed sensor is quite noisy makes me wonder if I'll even bother with the airspeed sensor.

I don't know ! ??

Thank you for this post.  I used your recipe and fixed my 3dr airspeed probe this evening...

Just got in to this, mine came last week from 3dr, and guess what, yep just the same.

Whats irritate me is that 3dr knows from this faulty pitot tubes, and still go on selling them to every one.

I do not call that a good service at all!

Thanks for the heads up guys.

They have known about this issue since Feb 2011, but no action, QA is a mystery at 3DR. Great blog by Users, DIY QA too. 

Deja vu a la hobbyking. Would be less buggy to have discrete (separate) static and dynamic probes. Would the DIY TEK probe work?


FYI, my 3DR tube purchased in October 2014 does not leak.

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