Pix Hawk and Mica Sense RedEdge Integration and Wiring

So I but the bullet recently and bought a MicaSense RedEdge for our Mapping RPA.So the question I have is how to wire the PixHawk and Red Edge up.Gone through all the integration manuals, and to be honest they are a little lacking. A little to simplistic, for me unfortunately.Does any one have a wiring diagram of better still some people photos of how to wire it up?Bald already and have no hair left to pull out.

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  • And, of course. a link would have been useful to include:


  • Hello Ben. Take a look at our Knowledge Base article regarding the PixHawk - there are also other articles in our knowledge base that might be of help. If you have questions beyond that, please email us at support@micasense.com and we'd be happy to help.

    Thanks for the feedback on the integration manuals - this is important to us and we'll evaluate improvements.

    Thank you. Kind regards,

    Gabriel Torres
    Co-Founder and CEO
    MicaSense, Inc.
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