Hi Everyone,

First of all, I often use this forum to get my problems solved, because someone would usually have solved it before, so I do not want to bother people with useless questions. However, I am stuck with something and decided to ask a question.

I am working on a project which has an aim to recognise a target and drop a payload. This has to be a fully autonomous mission. Once the drone gets to the GPS coordinates, it will perform target recognition and will readjust the copter to move above the target if needed. The RP should send a signal to deploy a payload.

Is it doable that way?

Am I able to override any variables on the Pixhawk from Raspberry PI in automode?

Do I have to switch to a manual mode for that period? 

I did search for this and I fail to understand how to implement this. I know how to deploy a payload in auto mission, but this will involve a camera input from pixhawk and I am slightly lost.

Any help will be appreciated. 

Best Regards,

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I know how to communicate between raspberry pi and pixhawk, so it is not a problem.

If the drone is in auto mode and it gets to the WP, can I switch to some manual mode from raspberry pi and then perform image recognition?

However, if I do that and then switch back to auto, the copter will restart the mission which is not a desired case. Are there any ways around it? 

I am aware of the DroneKit. I use it to communicate between the raspberry pi and the pixhawk. It will send the same commands as the Mission Planner. So, from my understanding, there is no difference if I use one or the other. Unless, I am missing something.

Nevertheless, if I use the DroneKit, then I suppose you suggest to create my own GroundStation on the Raspberry PI. I am basically uploading a mission on the Pixhawk. Although, I believe there will be a point where I need to interact with the Pixhawk at my desired WP. 

What do I do then? Do I override Pixhawk's channel? But it will be doing whatever is uploaded and I will be just interrupting it with some commands. 

Do I change the flight mode? Then, it will restart the mission if I switch back to auto.

Am I right thinking that at all, please?


Have a look at Randy's red balloon finder project.  It does basically what you want, you just need to adapt it for your particular application.

Thanks for that. It looks interesting. So, there is no way to connect the ground station to pixhawk and just put raspberry pi to listen to coordinates? Then, if it gets to the desired coordinates, the raspberry pi will pause the mission and perform what needed. After finished, send a signal to continue the mission?

The link you sent presents a more complicated way of doing it. If Pixhawk is capable of doing so many things, then I suppose it must be capable of pausing the mission and just loiter on my command. But if it is, then how do you do that?

I was wondering if you figured out how to get the Pi to listen to the Pixhawk for coordinates?

I am running into the same problem and any help would be appreciated. 

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