This video illustrates a bit better why we believe the safety switch, buzzer and multicolor led help to greatly improve ground and air safety. The video just showcases a few new key safety features and is not a complete reference / mapping, as blink patterns might differ depending on the flight stack running and/or user settings.  Some details:

  • The safety pushbutton indicates safety on with a slow blink pulse and becomes solid when armed
  • The main led shows the breathe pattern if disarmed and becomes solid when armed
  • Arming is only possible after the safety has been disengaged. This is to prevent accidental arming via RC
  • On arming, the buzzer first emits the arming tune, and then the props are slowly spun up to (a configurable) idle speed after a short delay. User tests show that users can disarm fast enough if having accidentally armed.
  • There are two distinct low battery patterns for low and critically low battery. Since the buzzer is driven with 32V, it can be easily heard from a distance, so even when not looking at the GCS and battery voltage, there is now an intuitive warning, in time to land safely.

We believe that this will greatly help to improve situational awareness of the pilot and prevent a range of potential ground and air accidents.

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What does a fast 4 pulses mean on the arming button? Where are the COMPLETE set of light meanings documented, not just the arming button and main light?



@Steven G,

How about here after the APM2.0 board: Pixhawk Sounds & LEDs


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Hi Thomas,

This is a lot more useful. As you know, there are also some smaller LEDs on the Pixhawk, one in particular, the GPS, keeps blinking about once a second even though I have HDOP or 1.8 and a 3D fix. What does that mean? In the docs it looks like it can mean GPS is connected??? Anything else?

My start up main lite sequence goes, solid green, red/blue, red/blue, solid green, flashing yellow. I know the flashing yellow is for Radio in F/S, which it is since I don't have a Rx attached to the PH.

It would be great if one of the developers or tech writers would write up the led meanings and sequences similar to the APM documentation.

When I try to update FW there is a msg to unplug the USB cable, hit OK and plug it back in. This step always fails. Somehow I did get the firmware to load. It was accidental magic.

In addition, I get strange MP Flight window messages that I have never seen before. Like restart mission and error bat_connect.

I find it frustrating for something that is supposed to be a seamless upgrade from the APM. Sorry if that shows too much.

One last question, can I connect the USB and battery from Power Module at the same time without creating magic smoke?


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