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Is there any more precise info on when the Pixhawk may start shipping, other than "late October"? I decided to wait for it's release to get my first APM sytem going and anticipation is a killer!!



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I'm wondering this too, since I pre-ordered one recently for my first quad.  I'd just like to know if there is any information at all, because I'll pick up an APM or Naza to keep me busy, if it's going to be a while before the Pixhawk ships.

i too am at a decision point regarding APM 2.6 or the Pixhawk.  i am not as concerned about the date as i am on how the testing is going.  is there a place where testing status and updates are available?


Update:  I emailed 3DR, and support says the shipping has been further delayed until mid-November.  

Since it's possible it could be delayed again, and that I might not get into the first batch of shipments due to just recently pre-ordering, I think I'm going to buy another computer for now.  I'm going to end up with multiple UAVs anyway, so this isn't too big of a deal.  When I pre-ordered I figured this might be the case (happens with software all the time).

Would anyone have any info on whether there is any further update or more precise intended shipping date?



I received the following email four days ago. Sounds like late November at best now, if it doesn't get pushed again.


Dear Customer:

Thank you for purchasing a Pixhawk.

In response to beta testing and user feedback, we're in the process of making a few final hardware enhancements to ensure we deliver you a great customer experience. As a result, we expect your product to ship in the next few weeks.

We will send further updates and details on the ship date at the end of next week.

We appreciate your understanding and ongoing customer loyalty.

3D Robotics

Thanks Cory,

Thanks for your reply but my gut tells me the date will be extended further. I hope I am wrong! I think I might pick up a cheap ebay clone until the pixhawk is actually available. 

You're welcome.  I ended up getting an APM 2.6, since it's still a great unit.  I plan to have multiple copters anyway, so it will get used.

What’s happening?

How is development and beta testing going?

Has anyone seen a new estimate on a shipping data?




No idea! I got the 3dr apm 2.6 in the end as I wanted to get moving and have been flying now for about ten days. It does everything and more than I need it to. Have already started building a photography platform so will upgrade when I feel the need. The apm 2.6 was superb straight our of the box. Basic setup and she flew perfectly.

i also gave up waiting.  they just keep changing the dates so i got an apm 2.6 which arrived yesterday.  they have issues with the pixhawk i think.


I received a new email from them a week or so ago saying that they hope to ship it by the end of December now.  In the mean time, I'm using the 2.6 for my first build.

That’s over 2 months delay from the first announced date. They must have had to change the circuit board design. I would rather wait as long as it takes to get it perfect. I have APM2 and 2.5 that I am flying but I do need the PixHawk for my winter project. Maybe I will wait until January to order one.


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