Hi All,

Is there any more precise info on when the Pixhawk may start shipping, other than "late October"? I decided to wait for it's release to get my first APM sytem going and anticipation is a killer!!



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Brings back the memories from 2011. I was fiddling with a Wii Motion Plus gyro and a Nunchuck accel on an Arduino platform trying to fly my first quad when APM2.0 was announced. Preordered early November, and by the time it arrived, late February 2012, I was already flying two quads and a hexa, all of them pretty much dialed-in on MultiWii and whatnot.

Anybody spotted these Pixhawk accesories available for order yet?

  • Digital airspeed sensor
  • External USB port
  • External multicolor LED
  • I2C splitter


One would think as the Pixhawk has been on preorder since ages, so would the accesories ...

Is it an ilusion, or did the "preorder" part disapear from the webshop ?

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