Any idea if Collision avoidance using IR or Sonar sensors will be implemented for Arducopter firmware now that Pixhawk has come out with much higher processing capability?

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Thx John!

Dear Mike,

i am interested in adapting the distance lock mode. Could you give me some help where to start programming or even some code? I would appreciate that very much.

hello mike i was wondering how you attached the arduino nano to pixhawk so pixhawk and it can communicate because now i am using the uno board and sonar to opperate retractable landing gear , but it runs independant from pixhawk so i have no overide control with my radio thanks for your time looking forward to hearing back from you 

      Rodger Roth 

If you have a spare receiver channel dedicated to the Retracts, then you can just read the PWM signal into the Uno, decode it and act on a value. If you're using PPM like I am between the Receiver and Flight Controller, and want to get at one of the higher channel numbers, then what I did was hijack one of the spare gimbal outputs (PAN or YAW) I only use tilt and use the pan output on the APM for the retracts. Feed that PPM signal to the Uno.

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