I try to remove power and i2c and buzzer connector without sucess.

Power socket braked

Buzzer socket braked

I2c socket brake from board

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Go visit www.drotek.fr, they produce the same pixhawk hardware without df13 connectors. It will be out in a few weeks, and not subject to export restrictions since it is produced in Europe. Quality is perfect and made in France, not Chinese random QA.

I challenge you to try the same on a telemetry module or on the GPS module...


try to find someone who can fixit for you than...

How often are you removing-installing these connectors? I installed mine and haven't touched them since and probably will not until I change frames or switch out some hardware. If you're constantly playing around with them I'm sure you can come up with some type of an adapter that goes from the DF13 to a more servo type of a connector. Bigger connectors add weight and size to the board. The Pixhawk has a LOT of expandability and ports and I just don't see how they would be able to use bigger connector types on the board.

DIY it up man and come up with a solution that works for you



If you trim the locking tabs off of the connectors as Muhammad and I have suggested, there will be no issue inserting and removing the mating connector from the board connector.

As a Developer, I have to make many connects and disconnects and I have yet to damage either the mating connectors or the board connectors.

The average user should not have to be connecting and disconnecting connectors from their Pixhawk unless they are upgrading or replacing damaged components.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer


what is the drotek product name you are referring to? droflypro V3?

Thank you


Intend to mount the pixhawk on a motherboard with real connectors.

So won't have to rely on any of these fragile connectors!

It's hard to believe that vibration pulled off two DF13 connectors and the rest of the flying machine is still in one piece :)


@sixtimesseven (42??)

Anyway too late as Chinese clones are already selling them!



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